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“I have confidence in God that whatever He has planned for you no one can stop. I encourage you to continue to pursue your dream and work diligently toward them”

Be assured of my continued prayers and support of your vision. I wish you good success in your efforts as obey the Lord.

Stay focused, committees and authority. You are loved and appreciated.



The Late Dr. Myles E. Monroe

President/Senior Pastor

MMI/ Myles Monroe International



Nothing written within the passages, topics, or subtopics of "The Framework of The Gospel: How to Live the Christian Life" by Joe Mitchell, are without reverence to GOD and/or reference to bible scriptures. It is written at a level that is effortless to read and understand. It has made me more aware of cognitive issues of the bible and its ultimate function. Therefore, it could be useful to the seasoned as well as beginning believers. If you are in the business of teaching or reviving souls, this is the tool to be utilized. The mystery that surrounds the Bible has finally been revealed!


R. Stallings'


Framework of the Gospel - How to Live the Christian Life by Joe Mitchell is a must read. As you read the book it keeps you engaged and thinking. It paints a clear picture and gives you a road map for success. This will be a great read for people of all ages.


E Williams'

Joe Mitchell has done an excellent job of taking the main concepts of the Bible and simplifying the basic principles to create an easy to read book. By using his expertise of the Bible and his easy style, Joe develops a framework to help communicate about the Love of Jesus in a way that anyone can follow and understand. He helps the reader recognize that living a Jesus-centered life just works. And he shows the reader the way. Get Joe's book, get a Bible, and get started!


Linda C.


The book gives great insite to living the Christian Life. A rare feature found in this publication is the Large Font and Bold Headings. The words jump out and keep you reading.


M. Rogers'